Caffeinated Gamer was born out of a love for late-night gaming, and a desire for quality guides. Gaming is a great thing to us, but sometimes finding the kind of information you’re looking for can be difficult.

We don’t believe you should have to go hunting for an hour just to find a half-decent map or figure out how much damage your favorite weapon actually does.

Together we achieve.

There’s often plenty of wonderful content out there, and communities that care about welcoming new players.

But more often than not a lot of that content gets buried, outdated, or scattered around or just isn’t made well enough to be useful, and digging through it all can be a pain for anyone, but especially to anybody just looking to get into a game.

We’re looking to change that here, to research, collect and share all the information you might need as a new player or a veteran.

From Gamers to Gamers

We aim to bring you guides, tutorials, and all sorts of helpful information without making you search up and down Reddit and three different fan-wikis.

We also promise not to drown things out with one perspective or in pursuit of the meta, but to bring you all the relevant information and let you decide how to play.

We’re a small group, but we’re working as fast as we can to cover as much as we can, with plans for both Escape From Tarkov and the upcoming Valorant in our scope.

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