Adopt Me: Panda Pal | How Much Is Worth?

Panda Pal is one of the uncommon toys in Adopt Me. In 2018, it was included in the game with an update to celebrate the Chinese New Year. During this event, Panda Pal could be purchased from the Chinese New Year Stand for 70 Bucks.

However, it is not possible to buy it from anywhere in the game at the moment, and players can only obtain Panda Pal through trade.

Let’s look at Panda Pal’s worth in Adopt Me.

How Much Is Panda Pal’s Worth In Adopt Me?

Panda Pal was sold at Adopt Me within a limited time, and then the purchase of this uncommon toy was removed from the game.

Players who could not purchase Panda Pal during this time can now obtain it by trading with other players. Therefore, the worth of Panda Pal is determined by the trade between the players.

The sale of Panda Pal for a limited time significantly increased its worth in Adopt Me. Panda Pal, owned by limited people, has become a highly valued toy in trade.

In exchange for this rare toy, players offer highly valuable very rare pets and toys . Neon Fly Ride Frost Dragon, Neon Fly Ride Horse or Neon Green Scooter can be offered for one Panda Pal. This shows that the worth of Panda Pal in Adopt Me is relatively high.

If you own one rare Panda Pal, you can trade quite profitably and get one Neon Fly Ride pet or very rare toys.

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