All Cigarette Card Locations | Mafia Definitive Edition

If you are of those players who hold achievements and trophies sacred to each game, you must get all the cigarette cards in Mafia Definitive Edition.

There are 22 cigarette cards, so it is challenging to find each on your first run at the game. But it is straightforward once you know all cigarette card locations in Mafia Definitive Edition.

All Cigarette Card Locations in Mafia Definitive Edition

The majority of the cards can be found while doing the story in Mafia, but five are obtainable through Free Ride.

The ones you can get on the story mode are a bit harder since it requires that you be on a specific mission at a particular time.

Nonetheless, it’s doable to get all the cigarette cards. These are all the locations for cigarette cards:

  1. Chapter 3: Molotov Party – Objective: Join Paulie

On a dining table next to the entrance.

  1. Chapter 4: Ordinary Routine – Objective: Collect Money

In the back of the Bakery on a table next to flour.

  1. Chapter 5: Fair Play – Objective: Follow Guard

When the guard is about the open the garage, go straight to the second building on the right.

  1. Chapter 7: Better Get Used To It – Objective: Catch Up To Billy

On the old bar.

  1. Chapter 8: The Saint and The Sinner – Objective: Send a message from Don Salieri

On a bed on the second floor.

  1. Chapter 8: The Saint and The Sinner- Objective: Escape to Salieri’s with Sam

On a bench inside the church.

  1. Chapter 9: A Trip to the Country – Objective: Find Sam

On a workbench under a barn-style object.

  1. Chapter 10: Omerta – Objective: Follow Frank and his Escort

On top of a barrel in a closed off area.

  1. Chapter 11: Visiting Rich People – Objective: Find the Prosecutor’s Safe

On a poker table.

  1. Chapter 14: Happy Birthday – Objective: Find the Unconscious Sailor

Behind the cashier’s desk.

  1. Chapter 15: You Lucky… – Objective: Don’t Let Sergio Escape

In the dispatch hall next to ammo.

  1. Chapter 16: Crème De La Crème – Objective: Don’t Let Morello Escape

On top of a stack of planks.

  1. Chapter 17: Election Campaign – Objective: Escape From The Prison

On a bed inside a cell.

  1. Chapter 18: Just for Relaxation – Objective: Search for the Cigar Shipment

Next to a window in an office.

  1. Chapter 19: Moonlighting – Objective: Get Key From The Manager

In a small office with bars.

  1. Chapter 20: The Death of Art – Objective: Meet Paulie at his Apartment

Above a small bookshelf.

  1. Chapter 20: The Death of Art – Objective: Follow Sam

Next to a window in a big hall.

  1. Free Ride: Holbrook – Warehouse

On a stack of planks.

  1. Free Ride: North Park

Under a bridge.

  1. Free Ride: North Park

At the mechanic on a table.

  1. Free Ride: Central Island

Close to the water next to a bench.

  1. Free Ride: Little Italy

On a small bookshelf in office.

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