Amnesia Rebirth: How to Fix Elevator

Amnesia Rebirth is probably one of the most special games released yet. It combines story-telling to a first-person experience while also being demanding mechanically.

While playing you will be faced with certain challenges and puzzles, but most are pretty straightforward. However, there is one which can be confusing. You will have to fix an elevator when you reach the main fort.

So, that’s why today we will tell you exactly how to fix the elevator in Amnesia Rebirth.

How to Use Elevator in Amnesia Rebirth

Soon after you land on the island, at one point you will have the objective of getting to a fort. In this particular fort there will be a lot of supernatural beings, and at one point you will have to find a way to use a broken elevator to progress.

This elevator won’t have a platform to stand on, and won’t have a mechanical part which will allow you to ascend. Thankfully, it can be rebuilt.

This is how to fix the elevator in Amnesia Rebirt:

  1. In front of the elevator you will find a blueprint, which will state that you need a winch.
  2. To get the winch, you will have to take it out from the crossbow weapon on the same floor. Look at the reference picture:
  3. Walk up to the back of the crossbow and obtain the winch.
  4. Go back to the elevator, take out the winch and place it at the broken panel, as seen in this picture:
  5. Now, go back and in the hallway you will find a plank. Take it and place it straight in the elevator so you can stand on it whille ascending.
  6. That’s it!

Thankfully, this “puzzle” is quite easier than the others in Amnesia Rebirth. Be careful though, there might be a lot of supernatural beings in the fort, so control your fear. Good luck!

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