Baldur’s Gate 3: Goblin Camp | Where To Find

Goblin Camp is one of the crucial places in Baldur’s Gate 3. Although the way to the camp is a bit difficult and dangerous, you can reach the camp without going into any war by using your persuasion options with the goblins blocking your way.

There are quite a lot of goblins when you reach the camp. On the other hand, these goblins will not attack you and your group. Therefore, you can walk around the camp with peace of mind.

Let’s see where to find Goblin Camp in Baldur’s Gate 3

Where To Find The Goblin Camp In Baldur’s Gate 3

Goblin camp is located to the west of Druid Grove, but you have to get far from Druid Grove.

There are quite dangerous places on the way from Druid Grove to Goblin camp. The most important of these is Blighted Village, close to the Goblin camp. There are goblins in this place, which is on the way to the goblin camp. These goblins that you encounter are willing to fight with you and will block your path. But if you make them believe that you are the “True Soul”, they will run away from you and get out of your way.

When you reach the camp, you will see an artist named “Volo” inside. Volo is an artist captured by the goblins attack. When you speak to Volo, you will be given a sidequest named “Rescue Volo”. In addition, this camp is where you should complete your rescue quest to Halsin because he is being held in this goblin camp.

Therefore, to make progress in the game, you have to come to the scary camp where these goblin screams rise. You will make serious progress in the game with the quests you will do here.

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