Baldur’s Gate 3: Secret Illithid Power | How to Get Repulsor Ability

There is a hidden ability which you can acquire in Baldur’s Gate 3. As you know, each choice in the game will influence the outcome of the story-line, as well as your progression.

With that being said, sometimes you get different rewards with the different choices you make. This can be both positive and negative. But with a certain interaction you can acquire a really strong ability.

Stay tuned because today, we will show you how to get the Repulsor ability.

How to Get Repulsor Ability – Secret Illithid Power in Baldur’s Gate 3

To get this ability, you need to still be on Chapter One, and still have Removing the Parasite quest. This quest is long and chances are you still have it.

The mission will have an extensive number of objectives, but you are looking for a particular one – Tell Omeluum About the Parasite. Finish the first two tasks, and when you find the mushrooms which Omeluum asked for, you are eligible to get this skill.

Do not turn in the mushrooms, because you need to follow the following interaction to get the Repulsor.

This is how to get Repulsor ability in Baldur’s Gate 3:

  1. After collecting the items requested, go to interact with Omeluum. Each step will be an interaction choice you must do.
  2. Choose “I found the mushrooms you’re looking for.”
  3. Drink the potion.
  4. Stare into the swirling abyss.
  5. Let the terror take you.
  6. “I felt it grow inside me. There’s more power than ever.”
  7. “I suppose it’s not all bad. More power is better than less.”
  8. “No, I want this power. Keep your ring.”
  9. That’s it. Now open up your character’s menu and you will see the Repulsor action.

I should mention that there might be repercussions to this decision, but for now we are not aware of any. Do it at your own risk.

The Repulsor ability looks unbelievably good when initiated, it’s a highly powerful action. If you choose to get it, good luck!

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