Best Places To Live – Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey

Biomes are large areas with similar geography. In Ancestors, there are seven different biomes. These biomes are Canyon, Caves, Great Lake, Jungle, Ocean, Savanna, and Woodland.

Deciding which one is the best place is hard considering how many there are. For some, the best biome could be viewed as the easiest one, and for some, it might be the most challenging one. 

The Jungle Place

This place is probably one the safest ones to be in. Considering the number of trees it has, it offers you protection, and you can move around it pretty fast because of these trees. Other benefits of this are many animals you can hunt so that you can have a relatively ample food supply.

Water is also effortless to find on this, which will make your survivability even bigger. In the jungle, you can also find some pretty safe oasis. Another great thing about the jungle is the high number of medications you can get from it. All these components make the jungle an excellent place for survivability. 

The Woodlands Place

This is also a good place, and it still has a considerable number of trees, some very open spaces with lots of grass in them. Woodlands houses a very significant number of animals. This place can be a better option for your character if you can walk on 2 feet since the trees won’t get in your way that much. 

What is Best Place in “Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey”?

The best biome is directly related to how evolved you are in the game. Despise that the Jungle biome is still probably a better option for you considering the large number of resources it has. That thing alone will make your life easier and will help you achieve many things. 

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