Black Ops Cold War : How to Poison Charkov

The campaign mode in Black Ops Cold War has been improved from the other Call of Duties quite a lot. Of course, COD games have always had a detailed storyline, but not to this extent.

That is all to say that there are some extremely difficult missions. However, even if you are more of a multiplayer COD player, I recommend that you play the campaign as well!

Today, we will focus on one specific mission called “Desperate Measures”, but more specifically how to kill Charkov.

How to Poison Charkov – COD Black Ops Cold War

  1. After you finish with the meeting portion of the mission, speak with Charkov’s secretary to set up a meeting.
  2. Now, you’ll have to get poison from Kravchenko’s office. Go to it.
  3. Pick the first door that will lead you to the hallway of his office. Be careful, there will be guards here, so don’t rush inside.
  4. Take down the guard in the hallway. Then, hide his body somewhere.
  5. Pick the lock to Kravchenko’s office. Make sure to duck so that other soldiers don’t see you.
  6. Access the system and access Nova 6 Entries. The elements from the poison will be on the screen, and those are: Sulfur, Rhenium, and Neodymium. Match them with the chemistry chart behind you to get a code. The code is 16-75-60.
  7. Next to the chart there will be a locked cupboard, unlock it using the code. Take the poison after that.
  8. Navigate to Charkov’s office and start the meeting. There will be some tea for both of you, use the poison for one of them.
  9. He will take the other one, at which point you should ask him about his wife. When he turns around you can switch them.
  10. Then it’s just a matter of telling him to drink up, and he will start experiencing poison symptoms very soon.

Like I said, Call of Duty has evolved quite a bit over the years, but thankfully in a positive way. There are all sorts of missions that will test your ingenuity this way.

You can obtain the bunker key in some other ways too. For example, you could reprogram a keycard, frame Charkov, and persuade prisoner. Good luck!

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