Brawler Outlaws & Legends: Weapon, Traits, Abilities, Perks & Gear

Find all that you need to know about the Brawler class as far as weapons, traits, abilities, perks, and gear is concerned, here.

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Brawler Weapon

Weapon: Hammer

The Brawler has a heavy custom forged hammer, with the ability to:

  • Big sweeping motion;
  • Huge power;
  • World-ending overhead smash;
  • Slow sweeps.

The only thing which is a weakness with this weapon is the fact that the hits are slow, due to the hammer’s weight and size.

Brawler Trait

Trait: Resolute

With the Brawler’s Resolute trait, a player can open the portcullis gate, when players are in lockdown. This opens a way for your teammates.

Brawler Ability

Ability: Wrath

The Brawler isn’t just a strong offensive class. In fact, it is a middle class, with tank-like capabilities, and high DPS. With Wrath you unleash you true potential, increasing both offensive and defensive stats.

Brawler Perks

The Brawler class is more of a team-play focused class, because:

  • Faster carry of chest;
  • Faster winching abilities;
  • Increased momentum in battle;
  • Huge damage boosts after a few consecutive kills;
  • Ability efficiency increase from damage taken.

Brawler Gear

Gear: Explosive

What the gear can do for the Brawler if quite interesting. It can explode and eliminate all enemies that are within the blast radius, shortly after a delayed fuse.

Brawler Brief Summary

With a vow to use his hammer to justice, the Brawler is a ex-blacksmith with unreasonably powerful close quarter abilities. Those that come in his way, can be eliminated with only a single blow from his hammer.

His main mission is to save his sister, from the likes of the State. All in all, this class is a tanky, and in its own words a ‘brawler’ class. Don’t let the tanky aspect fool you, this class does a lot of damage.

Other Characters

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