How to find the Bronze Pocket Watch in Escape From Tarkov

“Checking” is the second task Prapor gives you in EFT and if you’re new to the game you’re probably feeling a little stuck on it.

What are you supposed to do for “Checking” Task

⦁ Find the Bronze Pocket Watch
⦁ (optional) Find the key to the tank truck
⦁ Hand over the Bronze Pocket Watch to Prapor

The most important thing to note is that Prapor wants you to find the Bronze Pocket Watch in a raid, and turn it into him. He gives you enough information to find the key if you’re feeling confident, but you don’t actually have to go poking around the dorms to get it.

The Machinery Key

Prapor is asking you for the Machinery Key, a key only valuable to this quest. You can easily bum this key off of a friend or buy it on the flea market if you happen to hit level 10 before completing this task. If those options aren’t available to you, getting the key still isn’t hard, just in a bit of a risky spot.

Where To Find Machinery Key?

The Machinery Key is located in room 205 on the second floor of the three-story dorm building in Customs. The floor can be accessed on the south side by a fire escape, with room 205 being your third door on the right.

Machinery Key Location

The key is located in a brown jacket hanging on the wall. Just rush in and throw it in your secure container. The rest of the dorms can be a hard fight since it’s both the potential spawn location of a scav boss and usually a pretty active PvP center.

Where to Find Bronze Pocket Watch?

Location For Bronze Pocket Watch

The Bronze Pocket Watch is located in the cab of the tanker truck parked in the construction site south of the dorms. You can keep the Machinery Key in your secure container while you open the cab, no need to risk losing it.

Important note: You don’t need to retrieve the watch in the same run that you get the key, but you do need to actually extract with the watch. If you die it won’t count towards completing the quest.

If you feel like you might need some more help navigating your way around Customs, feel free to check out our Customs Map Guide.

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