Caffeinated Gamer Corrections Policy

Making Necessary Changes

What was focused on in our fact-checking policy is our determination for accurate information. On top of that, it was said, and apparent, that in our industry – Gaming, there are a lot of things that change by the minute.

Updates roll around which might change the course of a game drastically. So, in many cases we might consider changing or adding some information in what we have presented before. This form of change or addition is obvious, meaning, the edited content gets a distinguished look in the article, whether it be bold style, italic, underlined, colored, or something else which abides to the highest journalism standard.

Updating Content

Many new breakthroughs or types of evidence might become clear after a publication from our side. Which means that there is much more information that hasn’t been covered.

Because of that, we make sure to include new information after the fact, so that our viewers/readers can have a bigger and more evidence-based picture. The site will display when the last time the articles were edited.

For changes and update requests, contact

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