Caffeinated Gamer Fact Checking Policy

Accurate Headlines

We at Caffeinated Gamer, make sure that the headlines that are written, match the information that is given in the article. In these times, where misleading headlines are so frequent, we value quality moreover viewership. Our goal is to give our readers relevant information on games, which in some cases might be really interesting.

If it is not, our headlines won’t be sugar coated in order to achieve an ill-defined goal. Same goes for the first headline, and the others that follow in the article.

Furthermore, we focus on the context as well. We do not bend reality and make headlines that are factually correct, but misleading. Caffeinated Gamer is, and always has been striving for excellence and accuracy.

Official Statements

In some articles, there is a lot of speculation and detective work being done. An example of this might be finding out what might be in the next update, whether something will change, and stuff of that nature.

In light of this fact, we always like to have as much evidence as possible before making an educated guess on particular topics. A huge part of this includes looking for official statements from the developer teams, companies, other sites, individual developers, and more.

So, whenever we do pieces that require insight from such subjects, we always make sure to back up what is being said, with a quote that is valuable and accurate. 

Gameplay Factfullness 

A big part of what we do here is finding out about particular objectives, mechanics, and other gameplay aspects, and making a digestible guide that would help players that enjoy the game.

With the increasing difficulty in games these days, one must have a great source for tips and accurate tutorial information. With that being said, a huge drawback with games is that they’re a subject of change.

Meaning, some mechanics, objectives, and other gameplay aspects change regularly and are updated. We’re sure to bring information that at the time of writing is accurate. We also stress to present that these things are a subject of change and might get altered in the future.


In many cases, what we need to do is make research-based conclusions, and make the information packed with valuable information.

Because of that, we value objectivity. None of what is presented to our readers is something that might be considered a conclusion based on predispositions about particular objects, games, or any other views that might be considered subjective, if not stated like so.

We view all of the angles, and consider the most sides that we can handle. We know that personal preference is key in some decisions, and bring only relevant information to viewers, not subjective opinion.

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