Can You Play Escape From Tarkov: On a Mac?

Escape From Tarkov provides one of the best hardcore and realistic war experiences that you can get on your PC. The brutal and punishing gameplay is just one of the elements that make it a truly fantastic piece – considered by many to be only for serious players.

The developers at Battlestate Games have made sure that most of the people can access the game on their PCs, no matter if that’s a Microsoft Windows or a Mac.

Escape From Tarkov is available for Mac and here is how you can download it and play it!

Is Escape From Tarkov On Mac

Well, sort of. The first thing is that there isn’t a free-to-play version of the game, but instead everyone who wants to try it, must also buy it. For that, you can’t go the standard way through Steam and make a purchase – you must do it at the game’s official website. Here is how to download and play Escape From Tarkov on Mac or on Windows.

  1. Register / Make an account with Battlestate Games
  2. Make a purchase / Pre-order the game
  3. Download the Battlestate Games Client Launcher
  4. Find and install Escape From Tarkov

While not an optimal way, Escape From Tarkov is still an improvement for the Mac as a gaming platform, simply because it sets it on the same level as Windows. You don’t need any additional software like Google Stadia or Boot Camp Assistant to get the game running. You simply need to download the appropriated version for the Macintosh operating systems and you’re good to go!

And if you’re going to compete in this crazy harsh Battle Royale, then good luck!

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    • Hei Dan thanks for reading. Seems like the best way now is to install Bootcamp / Windows on your laptop and you can easily play. I’ve heard that most people can only play on low/medium settings, so playing on MAC may not be the best way.


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