Can you Use a Steering Wheel in Need for Speed Hot Pursuit Remastered?

The all new Hot Pursuit Remastered, is the newest racing title from EA. It has a similar architecture to the original, however it has been updated in many aspects like graphics, story, mechanics, etc.

But the most important question is has it improved in one particular way, i.e. have they added steering wheel support. We didn’t have any wheel support back in the days when the original came out.

Has anything changed?

Wheel Support in Need for Speed Hot Pursuit Remastered

Even back then people were furious about the fact that there was no wheel support implemented. Need for Speed does have quite a different dynamic to other racing games, which makes it more compatible to be played with controllers or keyboard.

However, that doesn’t mean that it won’t shine by being played with a steering wheel. Let’s talk about everything we know about this topic.

Can you Play Need for Speed Hot Pursuit Remastered with a Steering Wheel?

Unfortunately, there will be no steering wheel support for the all-new NFS Hot Pursuit Remastered. What is further disappointing, is the fact that this decision is final and they won’t be revisiting this topic in the future.

There might be a bright side to this. Like in the past, even though EA didn’t have steering wheel support for many games, they could be played with steering wheel nonetheless.

However, this isn’t anything certain, it has been stated by one community manager for EA on their official site.

Furthermore, this theory has merits. As I’m sure you can all remember Most Wanted and other similar titles working fine with wheels, even though no support was intended.

I know that it’s quite different when you are certain that there is steering wheel support, but we will have to see how things pan out as players start hooking up and trying steering wheels on this game.

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5 thoughts on “Can you Use a Steering Wheel in Need for Speed Hot Pursuit Remastered?”

  1. The original 2010 Hot Pursuit on Xbox 360 had steering wheel support. That is why many people are angry about this remastered version, including myself.

  2. I literally bullied EA into submission on their forums to add steering wheel support to the original 2010 release. They added it on the first update but the cog (force feedback) on the G25 wheel wasn’t engaged. I literally bullied them to sort it and it was sorted on the second update. I was then BANNED on their forums lol

  3. Racing game, car driving. Why is this “racing wheel support” still a question and an extra frustration with each and every edition of NFS? This is ridiculous. Where you drive a car, you must have a wheel support. That´s it. No more questions. This is a shame with Hot Pursuit Rmeastered. I´ve almost clicked the “buy” button, when this question emerged and got this unbelievable answer: “No” on wheel support.
    I am done with NFS. Good Bye! It was great times with you before, now it is over.

  4. Can’t believe there is no racing wheel support. This was my favourite game on the 360. I spent 250 quid on a racing wheel in anticipation of the remastered version. I wish I could return the game now.


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