Can You Use Discord On PS4

After the news that PlayStation announced that Discord is coming in PS4, the fans gone wild about it. Actually, the popular online communication service is promising that will bring the Discord and PlayStation experiences closer together on console and mobile early next year. Any details about it we do not have, but Sony’s announcement says that the two companies are working hard to make it real.

What about is Discord, and why are so many talking about it?

 Whether that means that a full-fledged Discord app coming to PlayStation consoles or a more limited integration has yet to be announced.

Because of the new partnership, Sony is also investing an unspecified amount of money into Discord as part of its Series H investment round as a minority investor. Discord is one of the biggest online communities, especially for gaming enthusiasts.

It has over 140 million active users as of December 2020. There are talks that the company was acquired by Microsoft in a 10 billion dollars deal earlier this year. Those talks ended when Discord decided to stay as an independent company.

So, can you actually use Discord on PS4?

 You will hear talks about how you can use Discord on PS4, but is it true? Let’s make it clear. They say you can, but there is always an issue with sending the messages.

So, with that fact, you will need a keyboard. After that, there is another issue, when you are not able to join a chat channel. The only thing right now that you can do is just read.

 Maybe, just maybe we will see this fixed by the companies soon. In the meantime, we could see agrees and non-agrees form the fans about all this.

One side says that they need it badly because the cross play functionality is becoming more and more common between the major consoles and PC, and they need a proper cross-platform voice chat utility.

While the other side says that they already have their own voice chat system and that Xbox and PS will probably neglect discord because of this reason.

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