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Days Gone is solely focused around survival. Whether surviving other survivors that are out for resources, or horde zombies, it is safe to say that you will have you hands free most of the time. However, even though the game was under some heat for being so bland, what this game does great is create some intrigue and narrative with its characters and missions.

In any case though, the missions aren’t easy at all. For example, missions like Hell Of A Fight are missions which cause Days Gone players all kinds of trouble. But we’re here to clear everything up about this mission.

Find and Rescue Gomez – Days Gone

While most of the mission is pretty straightforward, players run into issues when they get to the “Find and rescue Gomez” objective.

However, finishing this mission and this objective is really easy. Here’s how to complete “Find and Rescue Gomez” in Days Gone:

  1. Eliminate all of the Marauders in the camp. Get in from the gap, look east, and take out the sniper on the first watch tower there.
  2. After that, position yourself northeast, and then start eliminating Marauders with a silenced weapon.
  3. Make your way north, to the open shack, and eliminate the Marauder there.
  4. Next, take your time, and take out the remaining enemies. There will be more than ten.
  5. Start going north and then go on the trail up the small hill, then to the nearest watch tower.
  6. Again, eliminate the remaining Marauders, if there are any.
  7. Find the stairs that lead up on the watch tower. Start you incline, and you should find Gomez on the top of the watch tower.

After completion of the mission, you will receive 5000 XP, about 2750 Trust, and 1700 Credits. Find and Rescue Gomez is the last objective of the mission – Hell of a Fight.

When Deacon finds Gomez, *spoiler alert*, he will be thrilled to see that she is even breathing. He will go on with the conversation, at which point a cutscene will begin.

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