Does UFC 4 Have Cross-Platform Support

If you’ve heard the rumors that UFC 4 has a cross play, then we’re sorry to break it to you: UFC 4 is not a cross-platform game! Fans around the world have joined in disappointment at this point, but no one could change EA’s decision.

UFC 4 is the newest addition to the realistic combat fighting scene. It launched with a brand new career mode and many updated features, but sadly only on two consoles again: PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Why isn’t there a cross play and will there be one in the future?

The Cross-Platform Situation Of UFC 4

Well, what is a cross-platform feature? It’s a fantastic technology that has been implemented in some of the newest video game titles which have come out on more than one platform. The feature connects two or more of them, allowing players from different platforms to play the game together.

For example, if you’re a PlayStation 4 gamer and you want to play together with your PC friend, if the game you’re trying to play has cross play, then you two will be able to connect inside that game. One of the most recent title like this is Hyper Scape, where no matter how you access the game, you can still play with and against everyone else.

Such is not the case with UFC 4. Xbox One and PS4 are not connected and that means: if you’ve purchased the game on one console, then you’re only going to play against players on that same console.

We don’t know for sure why UFC 4 isn’t a cross-platform game. Many modern and popular ones have this element as one of their key factors of success.

But the developers at EA have been pretty silent on this question. News and updates have come and gone, but no info about whether cross play will ever be present in UFC 4 is available. You might have to keep your skills on only one platform for now, but we will be on the lookout to inform you whenever something changes. See you!

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