Evil Genius 2: Shark Traps

While working on your diabolical plan to world domination, you will find out that traps are a thing in Evil Genius 2. These traps are not only effective, but in some cases it can be so funny what you can do to agents coming in to bust out your operation. However, from all traps out there, which is one that causes fear into your enemies, and is effective at the same time?

Shark trap.

Yes, a player can literarily put a shark tank in the ground and then open the lid once an agent is on it. Paired up with a fan, this trap is really effective.

Shark Traps in Evil Genius 2

There is a plethora of traps in the game, and ones that are even more effective than the shark tank, but in all honesty, nothing screams more fun than putting a literal shark tank in the ground.

Nevertheless, not all is as good as it sounds though. While this is a possibility, a player will need to be at a certain stage in the game in order to consider using shark traps. This is because to unlock a shark trap, you will need to work on your research a bit.

Thankfully, it is not that long into the game at which point you can start using this type of trap.

Now, there are many creative ways to go about using the shark tank, but in general, you can also put in in a hallway or in the ground, and activate it manually if you choose to do so.

There have been cases of players making pinball machines and then pairing them up with a shark trap. Additionally, fans can be used to push agents into or above the shark tank.

A particular example of a great shark trap is: one end with a fan, slippery floors, a series of pinball style pillars, and a shark tank at the end. What a show that would be.

Still, like I said, this trap is effective, but there are also some other exceptional traps that you can try, which might be a lot better. Again, it is great to have the possibility to have some fun, and that should be the definition for Evil Genius 2.

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