Father Tree location – Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey

The Father Tree is one of the most memorable landmarks in the game. This tree is the highest in Ancestors. The marvelous view from it is incredible, but for you to be able to see that view, you need to climb to the middle of the tree, that’s how massive this tree is. When you are on it, just be careful not to slip and fall since one side is over a cliff, and you are playing hominids, not birds.

Finding Father Tree Location sounds easy since you can see it from very far away, but many people have had their fair share of trouble finding it.

Where is Father Tree location?

If you want to find it yourself without help from others, you can go into intelligence mode and see the big question mark that is in the sky, and that is The Father Tree location. Its location is in the Jungle biome.

Some close landmarks to it are the two river junction, the Cascade Oasis, and The Orchard. These locations are coming from the jungle to the center lake. Just remember to go into intelligence mode from time to time to see the big question mark, and if you are getting close or not. If you are in one of those landmarks, be sure to climb on top of a tree so you can see the massive Father Tree.

Once you find it, you can unlock three new meteorite sites, The Dead Tree site, The Flat Boulder one, and last but not least, the Island meteorite site.

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