FIFA 21: How to Change Your In-Game Formation

When playing FIFA 21, you’ll find yourself adapting your tactics and formations to the specific opponent you are playing against.

Apart from that you can switch players, use specific tactics, and game plans. But how to change your in-game formation while playing?

Well, there are a few ways, and it depends on which game-mode you are playing. But it’s pretty straightforward.

How to Change your In-Game Formation – FIFA 21

Formations are usually set at the start or before the beginning of the match. However, most of the time you’ll get it wrong and you will need to make the necessary changes while in-game.

Also, you won’t know how a specific formation works against a certain opponent, especially in FUT. Nevertheless, that’s why we are here and we will simplify some things.

This is how to change your in-game formation in FIFA 21:

  1. If you are in-game, click the Pause button.
  2. After that, click where you see your formation on the screen. That would be left side.
  3. Here you can change players, formations, game tactics, skills, etc.

If you want to change formation in FUT before a match, open the FUT menu and then go to Team Management.

Here you can edit virtually anything. You can switch players positions, change kits, give them training cards, boost cards, change formations, and a million of other things.

Career mode is closely similar to FUT. Before a match you will get a different screen, sort of like an outline for the match.

You can choose to either play or simulate the match here. Nonetheless, there is another option called Team Management. This is where you change your in-game formation in FIFA 21.

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