FIFA 21 Patch Notes Update 3.1

FIFA’s newest update is just around the corner. PC players have already got the update, but those on console shouldn’t wait to long to get it too.

This update isn’t massive, but they have eradicated many issues that players faced in FUT and VOLTA as well. As for any new additions, there aren’t many, but EA says that they have planned some.

With that said, let’s get to the FIFA 21 patch notes for update 3.1.

Patch Notes: Update 3.1 FIFA 21

As I said, it’s not that big an update, so you don’t need to worry about long download times. It mostly focuses on certain game modes, and interestingly we didn’t see any fixes for other issues.

I would guess that they are still working on the more complex problems players had. That is not to say that there are many, but still.

FIFA Ultimate Team

In Update 3.1 for FIFA 21, the patch notes say that they fixed the bug where players couldn’t alter their bids if they used the compare prices feature.

Noticeably, this bug wasn’t present from its launch. Instead, this problem became apparent after the last update that EA released, and thankfully, it’s fixed now.


Even though VOLTA was a disappointment to many players, fans of FIFA Street still loved this game mode. There were two errors here which are now eradicated.

The first error was “Unable to Setup Match.” When players started matchmaking and got a match, this error would occur. It wasn’t a common error, but it was still annoying.

The other one was “Failed to Join Match”, and this happened when players were trying to start a Squad Drop In Match. However, they seemed to have fixed this one too.

Release Date

We don’t have the exact release date, but we speculate that it will be soon. Like I said, it has already been released for PC, so consoles are surely not far behind.

Another thing to mention is that Ultimate Scream will be coming to this FIFA, considering how close Halloween is. We have seen this promotion back in FIFA 20.

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