Fire Force: Fire Generation Levels (Explained)

Fire Force is another popular anime with a lot of new prospects and styles. Therefore, it shouldn’t be surprising to see beginners becoming confused about many things in the anime. An example the different fire generation level in the series.

Fans of the anime are conversant with stuff like Adolla burst, First Generation pyrokinetic, Second Generation, etc., and are not familiar with the meaning. Here, you will get to know the different Fire Generation Pyrokinetic Level and a few of their users.

Fire Generation Levels Explained

Classifying some Fire Force characters in terms of the Fire Generation level is based on their control of the Human Body Ignition Phenomenon. There are different levels of unlocking it. Therefore, there are different fire generation levels. Consequently, there is four Fire Generation level as of the up-to-date series. Below are the four current fire generation pyrokinetic levels.

1. First Generation Pyrokinetic

The first Generation pyrokinetic are the most common ones in the series. People also call them infernals. Generally, infernals do not have control over fire.

Also, First Generation pyrokinetic will burn till their core becomes dead. They call this process the core’s satisfaction, even though the world doesn’t know what satisfies the core.

There are several types of First Generation pyrokinetic.

  • Natural and Sentient Infernals: These are people that can not control the human body ignition phenomenon.
  • Artificial Infernals: They are born through the insertion of a bug into their body. This bug contains a spark of Adolla burst, which is responsible for its action.
  • Demon Infernals: These are born when they forcefully merge a dead body with Adolla. The process of merging the two is Necro Pyro.

The difference between natural and artificial infernals is in their burning patterns. Artificial infernals only burn on the head. Natural infernals, however, burn all around.

2. Second Generation Pyrokinetic

Characters who fall under Second Generation pyrokinetic have slight control over the Human Body Ignition Phenomenon. However, their control is only limited to manipulating fire. They cannot, in any way, create it.

They do not show their ability to trick their opponent into using their fire, thereby allowing them to manipulate it. They also always develop their physical combat ability to complement their fire manipulation ability.

Examples of popular Second Generation pyrokinetic in the series are Lieutenant Maki Oze, Karim Flam, and Takehisa Hinawa.

3. Third Generation Pyrokinetic

Characters under the Third Generation Pyrokinetic cannot manipulate fire but could produce it from the part of their body. They can only produce fire in the presence of oxygen, and When it goes down, they can’t produce fire.

People that are Third Generation pyrokinetic are also like second generations in terms of being resourceful. For example, Shinra could fly, and Arthur could heat his sword to a plasma level using their ability.

4. Fourth Generation Pyrokinetic

Characters under the Fourth Generation pyrokinetic are the strongest Generation in the series. They are also known as the “Pillars.” The Fourth Generation Pyrokinetics connects to the Evangelist to get what people call the Adolla Burst. Adolla Burst is fire used in creating the world. It is also responsible for the destruction of the world some years before.

With the Adolla Burst, they become very powerful. For example, Shinra could travel at the speed of light and Sho could stop time.

5. Hybrid

Like everything that life presents to us, there is bound to be an exception. In Fire Force, this is visible in an individual with both Second and Third Generation abilities.

Shimmon Bennimaru is a Special Fire Force soldier that could manipulate and create fire at the same time. Due to this ability, he became the strongest soldier in the whole Special Fire Force.

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