Fix Outriders Stuck in Signed in PS5 & PC

Even when the Outriders demo was released, many players quickly jumped in on the action. Its fame exponentially grew, and so did the players’ affection for this game. This week, Outriders got released fully, but there is a problem that many players are facing. The issue is that many who try to launch the game, get stuck on the signed in screen, and it doesn’t seem to let players into the game.

It is alarming how many players are facing this issue, and the origin might be because many players are trying to launch the game at the same time, potentially because it got released not that long ago.

Outriders Infinite Signed In Loop – PS5 & PC

Until it gets officially fixed, there is a temporary solution that players can do in order to access the game.

What players that are facing the infinite signed in screen in Outriders need to do is restart the game. The old “restart fixes everything” cliché actually works in this case.

Like I said, the main speculation now is that too many players are trying to login at the same time, which might cause this problem. However, this is not yet proven or a factual statement, at this time, it is the only speculation that players have.

Outriders’ developers have always been upfront about most of the issues in the game, but, as far as we recall, there is no statement or evidence of them acknowledging this issue.

Still, chances are they’re already working on a fix, since most of the previous issues were fixed relatively quickly and with no hassle.

Other than the aforementioned fix, there are no other fixes found yet. Nonetheless, many players are also stating that if you leave your game after restarting it, and you still face the issue, it might just let you into the game after 10-15 minutes.

There has also been a connection that has been found with this issue, to PS4’s and PS5’s rest/sleep mode. It seems as though the most common cause is when players leave their game in one of these power states.

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