Fix Rainbow Six Siege Connection Error – PS4

Rainbow Six Siege has been out for quite some time now. Still, players keep facing errors with launching the game, and some other connection issues. This is nothing out of the ordinary, and it might happen due to a couple of reasons. On top of that, the issue isn’t with Rainbow Six, because any game out there has the tendency to encounter the same issues and errors. It seems as though connection errors are more abundant for the PlayStation 4 though.

We researched the topic, and found fixes that are reported to work.

Causes for Connection Errors – Rainbow Six Siege PS4

To no surprise, the connection errors players experience have very common causes:

  • Using a Wi-Fi connection
  • Non-flushed DNS & IPS not reset
  • Security functionality of a router

Solution 1: Switch to Wired Connection 

There are countless reasons why a wired connection is much better for gaming. The main drawback to using a Wi-Fi connection is that it isn’t as fast as a wired one, and many other factors come into play as well.

A wired connection is faster on average and more stable.

Things like coverage, distance, restrictions, and more all have to be taken into account, and are usually overlooked. In some cases, these things might cause connection errors in games.

So, try with a wired connection and see if that eradicates the connection error.

Rainbow Six Siege has many issues, but thankfully there are many fixes, particularly for the 0x570 file corruption error and 3-0x0001000b error code.

Solution 2: Reset Router

Even though many suspect that resetting a router accomplishes nothing, that couldn’t be further from the truth. When resetting a router, things like your IPS and DNS will reset as well.

Think of it as a clean slate for your network!

Nonetheless, resetting it will depend on your particular model, but your router can be reset if you plug it out of power, waiting at least 10 seconds, and plugging it back in. Keep in mind, your network SSID and password might change, as well as other settings.

Solution 3: Place PS4 Into DMZ

It is important to note that your PS4 will not have the same security when placed in DMZ (demilitarized zone). 

In other words, your router won’t protect your PS4 from unwanted security threats. Still, sometimes this is the main reason for connection to game servers, particularly Rainbow Six Siege.

Here is what you need to do:

  1. On your PS4, go to your Settings.
  2. Go to Network, and then View Connection Status.
  3. Write down your IP Address and Default Gateway.

After that, one must open up a browser on a device, and type in the default gateway in the address input field. Then, login with the router’s credentials (back of the router) or custom ones that have been set.

Find out where your DMZ is (will depend on the model of the router) and then set up the PS4 in there, using the IP Address. There will usually be somewhere you can add a device using an IP Address.

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