Fortnite: How to Complete Zadie Challenges

Fortnite’s newest season is full of interesting challenges and new content for its players.

Usually, some skins in the game, will require you to complete some challenges in order to get different outfits for said skin. This goes out for Zadie’s skin as well, as you can unlock two other outfits with it, the Artic style and Jungle Edit.

Still, some players can’t find the challenges that they need to complete, because the way of knowing what you need to do to unlock some outfits is a tad bit unorthodox.

How to Complete Zadie Challenges – Fortnite

When you unlock the Zadie skin, you can see which quests you need to finish to get those particular outfits. To do so, from your lobby, go to quests, and navigate to the “Special Quests” tab there.

It should show you three Zadie skin challenges, as well as some other quests, depending on whether or not you have other special quests. Here are all of the Zadie challenges in Fortnite:

  • Play Any Creative Games – x3
  • Purchase Items from Vending Machines in Creative – x10
  • Do 250 Damage to Players in Creative, With a Pistol

The first one is pretty self-explanatory. All you need to do is go to the creative mode, and find any creative games. Go inside, and play three different ones.

As for the other two, there are some pointers you can follow.

Purchase Items from Vending Machines – Fortnite

To do the second challenge of Zadie quests, you can do it on your own island. Simply jump into creative, and then go to your own island.

Place 10 vending machines using the in-game interface. Get any items in your inventory, and start stocking up the vending machines. Put one item in each individual vending machine. After that, start the game.

Fly down to where you placed the vending machines, and take each revolver out of each individual vending machine.

250 Damage Using a Pistol – Fortnite

Instead of creating a creative server now, you should click play and join others. Now, there are many battle maps that you can use to get 250 damage with a pistol.

Nonetheless, if you want the easiest one, we recommend that you go with the BHE – 1v1 BHE Build Fights. You can get a pistol from the arsenal on the ground and start inflicting damage.

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