Genshin impact: Bosses | When Do Bosses Respawn

Emerging victorious against an extremely powerful boss in Genshin Impact is one of the most rewarding experience that the game offers. There are a few types of bosses, and each boss is unique in its own way.

You will find yourself farming these bosses to get very good rewards, or to get ascension materials for characters and weapons. Since you will be eliminating them a few times before you get the desired items, we deemed it appropriate to tell you when do bosses respawn in Genshin Impact.

Without further ado, let’s get right to it!

When Do Bosses Respawn – Genshin Impact

Like I said, there are a few types of bosses. Each type has certain attacking mechanics, and specific loot. There are regular, elite, and weekly bosses.

Regular are the weakest, and offer loot which is nothing special. Elite bosses can have some pretty good loot and they are a lot stronger than the regular ones. And the strongest bosses are the weekly ones.

So, after killing bosses, when do they respawn again?

  • Regular Bosses – Don’t respawn.
  • Elite Bosses – Couple of minutes once you leave the area.
  • Weekly Bosses – Every Monday once slain.

If you want a good farming choice, then elite bosses would be the way to go. That’s not to say you shouldn’t fight the weekly bosses.

On the contrary, these offer amazing rewards and you should eliminate them whenever possible. They will also drop ascension materials, which means you will need to challenge them sooner or later.

The weekly bosses will require 60 original resin to receive the rewards, while the elite ones will require 40.

If you don’t understand the resin mechanic, it’s a currency with which you can open the flower that spawns after killing a boss. The items don’t drop on their own, so don’t forget to do this. Good luck!

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