Godfall: Open Spirit Bound Chest | How to Hit the Distant Lock

As you might know if you have taken a glimpse into Godfall’s world, there are hundreds of hidden treasures and hidden missions throughout the worlds.

Sometimes looting these chests or doing these missions can prove very rewarding for yourself. Most of the time you will get some pretty good loot. If you are a Godfall player, then you have surely have come across some spirit bound chests.

Open Spirit Bound Chest | How to Hit the Distant Lock – Godfall

Now, you will come across different kinds of chests, and some will be much more difficult to crack open than others.

The one we will show you how to open is the spirit bound chest for the quest or objective called “Into the Monolith”.

Without further ado, let’s get into how you can crack open the spirit bound chest, and how to hit the distant lock in Godfall:

  1. Firstly, stand in front of the chest and interact with it.
  2. You will see a light blue color that will move in a certain direction. Look at that direction and follow those stairs that you will see until you reach a platform.
  3. This is the platform you need to go to:
  4. In the center of the picture you can see a blue hit box. This is the lock for the spirit bound chest. To unlock it I used my shield and threw it at it, but you can do it with anything you just have to hit the spirit lock.
  5. Open sesame! The chest will open after that, and you can loot it.

There is some good loot to be gained here, not like some other similar chests, but still a lot for how easy it is to open.

Whenever you find these in the Godfall world, make sure to open them because the effort is quite worth it in the end!

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