Grounded : All Stink Bug Locations

The Stink Bug is a bizarre enemy in Grounded, where it releases gas from its body to defend against predators. You can get a gas mask that helps with that but you need to defeat it first without it so that you can craft it.

You may want to defeat this enemy since it has some good loot, and after getting the materials you’ll need to analyze them to crafts better gear. This insect is super aggressive and will attack anything so be really careful.

Stink Bug All Locations

The Stink Bugs have big red eyes and aren’t that hard to miss once you are in the location they spawn. When you get close to them they’ll probably plunge towards you and attack right away so be prepared about the incoming fight or it’ll be fatal for you. Also, be wary of its antennas since they find for the target before releasing the poisonous gas. When they shake it’s better to get cover or run since they’ll probably release an area of effect attack.

You can find this insect in different places on the map but we suggest going South-East next to the big rake. You’ll need to find the baseball and go south from there until you see a big rock. Wait there or do some laps around until you notice the Stink Bug. In the map, we have circled another area to the left where you can find the insect but there’s a bit more dangerous so take the risk at your own hand.

Video : All Stink Bug Locations in Grounded

Those are the most frequent locations that we have encountered with this insect before so it’s safe to say they will be there when you go visit. Unless if the sky is green then the Stink Bug is fighting with another creature. You can do whatever you want at that point either let them battle it out and you swoop in the end or you don’t get involved at all. Whatever you do just keep us in mind when you go search for them and let us know in the comments below how it went.

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