Grounded : Where To Find Hot Dog (Locations)

In this game, you can play as a character that is shrunken and the environment seems extra-large, even the small ants, bees, bugs, and various other insects.

Let’s see where we can find a hot dog location in Grounded

Hot Dog Locations & Where to Find

With games nowadays making maps huge to explore it’s easy to miss trivial things and hidden stuff like a hot-dog for example.

We traveled the world for you and found where it is, in the picture down below you can clearly see the location circled. However you have to be careful and cautious of the bugs and insects that are there to squash you, how the tables turn.

The thing is that there is more than one hot-dog located on the map and we have found to be three in total for you to harvest and collect. Yes that’s right there are multiple wieners on the map and once you defeat the enemies guarding it you can harvest the food from it with a Tier 2 Axe.

1. First Hot Dog Location

The first hot-dog is located near a giant shrub fence and is easily visible for everyone nearby. However, this hot-dog is not hidden in any way just not covered by the map at all. In the area surrounding it will be a bunch of larvae and spiders so again take care and be sure to have some armor on you.

2. 2nd Hot Dog Location

The second location of the hot-dog is the northwestern part of the map. It’s located at the blue circle on the image above. It has to be noted that walking to these parts of the map can attract predators so take your safety into consideration.

3. 3rd Hot Dog Location

The final location as to where the hot-dog can be found is in the middle of the map near the giant wood log. You can find it inside the green circle on the map above.

Video Hot Dog Locations

That’s it for Easter egg hunting, you now know the location of all the hotdogs that we were able to find. I hope this article helped you find what you needed. Tell us in the comments below how many were you able to find on your own?

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