Hitman 3 Chongqing: Find the Test Subject on the Top Floor

During the End of an Era mission, you will see just how close the future is. The game takes you on a pessimistic future forecast, that might justify some of its objectives.

There are two main objectives to this mission, and one of them is to take out Hush. A man that can control robots by only using his mind. Somewhere during your journey on the End of an Era quest, you will get the prompt “Find the test subject on the top floor”.

It will urge you to disguise as a test subject to help you on your mission.

Find the Test Subject on the Top Floor – Hitman 3 End of an Era

Getting to the top floor is quite tricky, as you will need to do a bit of parkour as well. If you want to find the test subject on the top floor easily in Hitman 3 – End of an Era, do this:

  1. After sitting down with the scientist, climb through the window on your right.
  2. Take a left, and then a right to get to a part of the terrace which is destroyed. Climb down, and get on the pipe on your right.
  3. Climb up to the next floor, and get on the terrace there. Go through the door that will be oposite from your location.
  4. Find a way to disguise yourself as one of those blue bodyguards.
  5. Then, find the stairway and start climbing up to the first floor. There will be plenty of NPCs that will take notice of you, so be careful.
  6. When you get to the top floor, follow the blue ping to get to the test subject.

Basically, all you need to do is get to the top floor, and the game will start pinging the test subject’s location, so it is relatively easy to find it once you’re on the top floor.

I would recommend to get to him quickly though, as long as he is in the toilet, as there are no NPCs and guards that might jeopardize your mission. Plus, there is a cabinet you can store the test subject in.

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