Hitman 3: Is There a Fix for Carryover Progression Error

Hitman 3 was arguably the most anticipated triple-A title of 2021. This assassination trilogy is one of the most unique franchises in the gaming world, and it is back at it again with their newest title. The game is crafted and developed beautifully, and IO Interactive seem to have held their own end of the bargain. On top of being crafted exceptionally, they introduced a progression carryover feature.

For those that are unaware of this feature, it is relatively simple. It allows Hitman fans to carryover their progression from Hitman 2 to the latest game. However, many problems have risen, and players can’t seem to transfer their progress.

Is There a Fix for Carryover Progression Error – Hitman 3

The way that IOI imagined the carryover feature was well thought out. Players would connect their platform account to their IOI account, and then sync and transfer their progression.

However, in the last couple of days, once the site has been up, players keep getting that their request has failed and that they’ve been put in a queue.

So, what can you do about the progression carryover error? Truthfully, there are no fixes for this error yet. The problem is on IOI’s side, so players are stuck, unable to do anything.

What Is the Reason for the Carryover Error?

You could see how the systems might crash because of this feature. There were thousands of players trying to carryover their progress at one time, and that amount of data to transfer, let’s say that it is pretty difficult.

So, to mitigate that, since the servers crashed, IOI has been putting players that want to carryover their progress in a queue. Once the requests dial down a bit, everyone in the queue will start transferring their progress.

Can You Play the Game Until Then?

Absolutely. However, there are some drawbacks here. If you play the game now, and choose to carryover your old Hitman 2 progress, then all of the progress that you’ve made on Hitman 3 will be wiped.

This is a huge setback for both IOI and the Hitman 3 players, but at least IO Interactive is doing everything in their power to fix this problem.

Until it gets fixed, you cannot play Hitman 3, and still have your data after you finish your progression carryover!

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