Hitman 3 Patch Notes 3.20 – Free Starter Pack

Hitman 3 patch notes 3.20 is out on all platforms: PS4, PS5, XBOX Series X/S, PC, XBOX One, Switch, and Stadia. The patch size is approximately 3.5 GB on all platforms. Hitman 3 Free Starter Pack also is here and it will allow you to play Dubai for FREE from March 30 – April 5. Dubai is the first mission on the new Hitman game.

Hitman 3 Patch Notes 3.20 Update

These are the general improvements that came with this new patch 3.20 :

Stability improvements:

       Resolved several issues that caused the game to crash, or cause endless loading.

 – Trophies/ Achievements:

       Solved several issues that could prevent players from unlocking some of the trophies (Shortcut Killer, Full House, Rich Harvest, Pure Poetry, Dune Rider, Future Shock). Additionally fixes for some of the challenges that are required to unlock some trophies/achievements.

Framerate Unlocked:

     Now the XBOX One, XBOX One S, and XBOX One X users can now choose form locked 30 fps or unlocked framerate where you will be able to play with 60 fps

– Trinity Guns:

      An issue where white, floating attachment could be seen on the weapons in the Trinity Pack is now resolved.

– Default Disguise: 

      An issue where 47 will start in a suit, even when a starting location with a forced disguise was selected is resolved. 

– Silenced Guns:

     An issue where the Bartoli 12G and Shashka A33 sound effects do not play when they are fired by NPC’s.

Interaction Font Size:

     Now the interaction prompts have more options for size, that players can choose from.

– Visual Fidelity:

       Issues in multiple locations that could cause certain angles to disappear also textures, and items appearing floating are resolved. Also, certain positions that caused Agent 47 to disappear are fixed.

– Silenced Weapons:

       A couple of the silenced weapons were missing the suppressor tag in their description. Also, the Ica Tactical Shotgun Covert was not being recognized as a silenced weapon.

– Holster Audio:

       An issue that was preventing the “hoslter” sound effect from triggering is now fixed.

– Normal vs Medium:

      The text on some of the “graphic settings” is adjusted now, so that they are consistent between the game and the launcher. The new normal is medium.

– Version ID:

     An extra line to the settings menu for displaying the current version ID of the game. Wich will help troubleshooting issues in the development and with players. 

-Where Its due, 3.20:

      The Hitman 3 credits are updated to reflect the work that has been done. Also, a few errors are corrected and included new members of the team.

This update also came with some Location Changes on all of the maps and bug fixes on all the maps. Making the game more enjoyable to play.

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