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The whole Hitman franchise has been the favorite for many operative minds out there. Find out how you can successfully complete your missions and tasks for the biggest contractors in the world, on this page!

Release DateJanuary 20th, 2021
Developed by:IO Interactive
Published by:IO Interactive
Platforms:PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S and X, Nintendo Switch
Social Media:Twitter

Game Description

The most known hitman in the world today, makes an appearance once again! Agent 47 returns to complete tasks and objectives that will require a lot of focus, and skills which only you possess! Find how to reach unusual and difficult locations, while also not letting your presence be known. To this day, Hitman has provided the most immersive sneaking experience, and thankfully, it’s even truer with the newest title – the Hitman 3. Even for those who aren’t fans of such games, the Hitman 3 finds a way to win the hearts of its players.

It’s an action-packed game that is completely different to its predecessors, while also staying true and dear to its roots!

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