How to Change Side Plates on PS5?

The new PlayStation 5 can be seen over the horizon. Is almost here, and even though it features a much better look than its predecessor, the white and black console is not for everyone.

It has a pretty slick design, however for now, it only comes in one color. In the future we might see other versions of it, but what can you do until then? Can you change the side plates on it?

How to Change the Side Plates on a PS5?

Interestingly, even though the PS5 isn’t yet here, i.e. not everybody has received one, still some customizations for it have emerged.

Custom side plates for the PS5 are on the market, and most of these are third-party companies. However, these side plates look amazing, or at least far better than the ordinary white plastic cover.

Your PS5’s side plates can be removed, and this is how to do it:

  1. First, you will need to remove the stand on which the PlayStation sits. To do so, on the bottom on the stand, there will be a silver screw in the middle, remove it.
  2. Then it’s just a case of pulling the stand of the console.
  3. Move it to the side, and position the PS5 on one of its sides.
  4. Pinch both sides of the plate and move it in a downward motion. Pull it from the top to the bottom, like this:
  5. It’s the same case for the other side too. Just make sure you pull the plate to its bottom (where the console is more gurthy), and not its top.
  6. For installation of the new plates, do the same thing in reverse. Position new plates and press down with medium force, and move the plate to the top side of the PS5.

It’s really surprising that Sony has decided to make disassembly of the PS5 so easy. Nonetheless, be careful not to break the console, because these plastics can break easily.

Also, it’s important to know that you might lose your warranty if you choose to do this. Make sure you are allowed to do this before doing so.

I would say also, to be careful of which plates you buy, since we are not yet sure about the quality of said customizations. Do it at your own peril!

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