How to Complete Spiral Abyss Floor 7 Before AR 35: Genshin

If you are one of the high-achievers in Genshin Impact, then you probably have heard about the Spiral Abyss.

It’s composed od 12 floors with each of them having three objectives with increasing difficulty. It’s not a wise decision to go to a floor that has a high adventure rank, or at least higher than you. However, it can be done, but you will need to bring your A-game.

Today, we will show you how to complete Spiral Abyss Floor 7 before adventure rank 35.

Genshin Impact: How to Complete Spiral Abyss Floor 7 Before AR 35

This is really hard to do, but we will try to make this guide as comprehensive as possible. Like I said, only the strongest and the fiercest warriors dare to enter this abyss.

Without further ado, let’s jump straight into it. This is how to complete Spiral Abyss Floor 7 before AR 35:

First, we will talk about the skirmishers, and how you can beat them as easy as possible. There are six skirmishers on this floor:


This enemy will heal your enemies very fast. You will need to take him out as fast as possible. Use ELECTRO for this one.


The pyroslinger deals a lot of damage. He is a sniper with pyro shield. You will see him in the second half. Use HYDRO element.


Has cyro shield, and can freeze you. You can find him in the first and second half. Use HYRDO for the Cyrogunner.

Electro-Hammer Vanguard

Deals a lot of electro damage, and also has electro shield. Present in first and second part. Use CYRO damage to eliminate.


Another enemy which can be found in the first and second part. He has a geo shield, and he can be defeated using ELECTRO and PYRO.


This mob will protect other mobs with his anemo shield. He is seen in the first and second part. There are no particular counters, use what works for you.

You will have to setup your party according to the above-mentioned skirmishers. Here are some unique combinations (you can use other characters of the same element):

  • First Party: Noelle, Kaeya, Amber, Fischl
  1. Fischl

Use this character mainly, you can get the highest DPS points.

  1. Amber

Can destroy CYRO shield.

  1. Kaeya

Easily break ELECTRO shield.

  1. Noelle

Noelle can destroy GEO shield.

  • Second Party: Traveler, Xiangling, Lisa, Barbara
  1. Traveler

Main damage character, but use the ANEMO element not GEO.

  1. Xiangling

Use to diminish CYRO shield.

  1. Barbara

Can help you break PYRO shields.

  1. Lisa

Combo for Overload on GEO shield.

This is what to do in each chamber:

  1. Chamber 1
  1. Chamber 2
  1. Chamber 3

Courtesy of: Remicaster on Reddit

The builds of the characters don’t matter that much, but consider having them maxed out. Also, of course make as much food as possible, use high-tier recipes.

This will hopefully help you at least six stars, to progress to the next floor. I’m afraid it’s impossible to get more than six stars, but for low rank like this, that is enough. Good luck!

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