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The campaign quests in Star Wars Squadrons are not that bad. The quests are challenging to the point where they’re still fun to do. There is an incredibly exciting quest you’ll need to do called “A Call to Rebellion.”

You will have to finish quite a few objectives, one of which would be destroying a Star Destroyer targeting system. It’s a pretty tough one to destroy, but it can be done.

We will tell you exactly how to destroy a Star Destroyer targeting system in Star Wars Squadrons.

Star Wars Squadrons: How to Destroy a Star Destroyer

This objective is the last task you will need to do in the “A Call to Rebellion” mission. These are very rigid systems put on the Star Destroyer, so you will have to hit it hard.

A Star Destroyer is a, well it says it in the name. It’s a gigantic ship designed to eliminate whole stars and planets. It’s a horrifying machine.

Nonetheless, this is how you destroy, Star Destroyer :

  1. Find it. First, you need to see where this system is located, usually on the ship’s top parts.
  2. After that, lock on it using LT/L2 or aim on PC and start shooting. You’ll need at least two rounds to destroy it.
  3. Reset. Don’t try to destroy it fast. If you are being attacked, reset, and switch your position, then fire away again.

After this last objective, a cutscene will start, which means you have successfully passed the mission. Now you can advance to the next one. Good luck!

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