How to Get All Form Changing Items | Pokémon Sword & Shield Crown Tundra

It’s all well and good when you are on the hunt for Pokémon. But what happens if you are an expert at Pokémon, when it’s time to transform all of your Pokémons to their final form.

Upon changing their form, these Pokémons become stronger and more special. Some have interesting lore about how they have previously been in that form, but lost one of these items since then.

How to Get All Form Changing Items – The Crown Tundra

Not all of the Pokémons in the Crown Tundra can change their form though. The Pokémons which can change their form with these items are:

  • Giratina
  • Tornadus
  • Genesect
  • Zani

There are four items in total, for each Pokémon. However, the drives for Genesect are more so in theory, they’re not four items. Here are all the items:

  • Griseous Orb
  • Zygarde Cube
  • Drives (Douse Drive, Shock Drive, Burn Drive, Chill Drive)
  • Reveal Glass

Use these items if you want to change the form of any of the above-mentioned Pokémons. Before going at the specific location to get the items, make sure you have all the Pokémons which you want to change their form in your party!

Where to Get All Form Changing Items?

You can get the form changing items at the unusual vendor at Stow-on-Side. Interestingly, they’ve made it so it’s very easy to get the items you need from one vendor.

So, if you have all of the characters from above, you can get all of the form changing items at once. This is highly unusual for this game.

Nonetheless, if you aren’t sure about what vendor I’m referring to, this is him:

Interact with the NPC while having the Pokemon that you want to change form to in your party. The Stow-on-Side is usually the main location for items that you will need such as these.

It has the most unusual vendors which can give you anything and everything. If you are changing the form to these Pokemon, good luck!

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