How to Get Terrakion | Pokémon Sword & Shield the Crown Tundra

If you are a regular Pokémon The Crown Tundra player, you know that some Pokémons are really easy to get, but some require you to complete some objectives before you can obtain them.

Nonetheless, my point is that some can be straight forward to get, however Pokémons like Terrakion, Virizion and Cobalion are difficult. Terrakion seems to be wanted by many, so we will show you exactly how to get it.

How to Get Terrakion – Pokémon Sword & Shield the Crown Tundra

Before you start your journey of searching for these infamous Pokémons, you must speak with Sonia first. She will tell you that there are unknows footprints in the Crown Tundra and it is up to you to find all of them.

After you gather enough evidence, or in other words have found all of the footprints by Terrakion, you can obtain it.


  1. Travel to Dyna Tree Hill in the Crown Tundra.
  2. Footprints will be scattered all around this location. Each footprint will give you 2% of the evidence you need. Find all of the footprints here.
  3. You need to locate 50 footprints of the Cavern Pokémon.
  4. After you do so, you can go back to Sonia and she will tell you the Terrakion location.

You can either find all of the evidence for all Pokémons first, or if you don’t need all of these legendary Pokémons, you can gather the evidence for only one of them and bring it to Sonia.

She will tell you a rough estimate for their location instead of a pinpointed location. So, it is up to you to find that legendary Pokémon in the region she told you has energy signatures.

However, don’t worry because most of these can be found in places that Pokémons of their nature are not present. In other words, they’re easily distinguishable from the others.

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