How to Get Water in Grounded

Grounded has a handful of personal stats that you need to maintain. None of these is more important than your hydration stat. Like other survival games, your hydration is going to drain fast, and it can be difficult to refill it.

Water is going to be tight at the start of your adventure. You have a few options, starting with drinking from a dirty water source. This comes with some negative side effects, so when you can, search out clean water sources like dew, aphid honeydew, flower nectar, and juice / soda cans.

Let’s find out what are some options to stay hydrated in Grounded!

Dirty Water in Grounded

The first kind of water that you’re going to find in grounded is likely to be dirty water. These are the puddles that you find dotted around the garden, and are found in abundance by the research facility.

Drinking dirty water is going to restore your hydration, but it is going to eat through your hunger bar. So you should only drink from this source if you’re particularly desperate.

Dew, Honeydew, and Nectar in Grounded

  • After dirty water, dew is the easiest hydration source to find in the early game. These bubbles of water are found at the top of blades of grass, and are generally pretty spread out, so keep your eye to the sky when you’re exploring.

If you do find a dew droplet, you can throw a pebblet at it, or hit the blade of grass to knock it down.

  • Aphids deposit honeydew, which is the next hydration source for you to set your eyes on. You don’t get much from these, but you can carry them around for a quick burst when you need it. Ladybugs and ants hunt down aphids and consume this dew, so you might have some competition if you decide to seek some out.
  • In certain areas of the garden, you’re going to come across abandoned juice boxes or soda cans. These drop small amounts of liquid everyday, so set a trail marker down when you find one so that you can come back every cycle.
  • Large flowers found in some of the later areas of the garden have nectar pooled around the bottom of them. Like aphid honeydew, you can store these for later use.

How to Get a Canteen in Grounded

The best investment you can make in your grounded resource management is to craft a canteen. With this tool, you’re going to be able to store droplets of water for later use, which is going to save you a lot of trouble and panic.

To make one, you need:

  • X3 Grub hides.
  • X2 Woven fiber.

While not necessary for your survival, a canteen is going to go a long way to getting you efficiently self-sufficient in grounded.

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