How to Interrupt and Boop With the Sword in Dauntless

Since the update to Dauntless interrupts, it has become harder to interrupt in some aspects while in others it can be regarded as far easier.

This is because they’ve managed to balance the interrupts far more than they have ever been. Nonetheless, we will show you how to interrupt and boop easily with the sword in Dauntless.

How to Interrupt with the Sword in Dauntless

We will cover three different categories for interrupts. Some are better for certain situations, while some you should avoid in close or long-range fights.

These are the three interrupt categories:

  • Core Combos and Basic Attacks – No valour or specials to interrupt. They are usually easier to do.
  • Valour Combos – For these you will need valour, and you will need to build during a fight which can make it difficult.
  • Specials – The only requirement is that you have a special meter to use the interrupts.

We will cover the easiest attack interrupts in all three different categories.

Interrupts by Category

Before we get to the interrupts, it’s important to know that you cannot interrupt using light attacks, nor light attack combos.

Core Combos and Basic Attacks

  • Standing Still Heavy Attack
  • Jump Heavy Attack – Jump and pivot to a side while using heavy attack.
  • Roll Heavy Attack – Roll forward to slice up with your sword. Good when mobs are jumping at you.
  • Heavy Combo – If you are already doing a heavy combo, finish it to interrupt.

Valour Combos

  • Resounding Echo – This will work if you are using the Charge Sword Focus modifier. You will have to predict when the Echo will explode. Can be very difficult.
  • Crescent Strike Valour Combo – Light Attack + Light Attack + Heavy.
  • Bkade Surge – Long Range Attack.


  • Iron Cyclone – The whirlwind motion won’t interrupt, but rather the slash at the end.
  • Avenging Overdrive – This will activate vengeance, which means any behemoths charging at you or doing unstable attacks will be interrupted.

That’s all of the interrupts in Dauntless at the moment. Your best bet are core combos and basic attacks because they are one of the easiest to do.

Choose to use the ones which best fit your play-style. However, make sure to choose the most efficient ones!

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