How To Make A Moan Button in CS:GO

At this point in time you can actually make your character moan in Counter-Strike Global Offensive. Yes, there is a feature for that imbedded to the game after the most recent update. Apperantly, this feature was added to ‘improve communication’, which we will explain why later. However, just for laughs, we will show you how to make a moan button in CS:GO!

Counter-Strike Global Offensive: How To Make A Moan Button

Basically, Valve has added the functionality to play certain sounds whenever the player wants, with text output above the player, and the chosen sound. Compared to your regular radio commands, this gave players some unique abilities for communication.

And to surprise to no one, players found ways to get a few laughs with the now new communication feature. Apperantly, there have been many reports of players moaning in competitive matches.

So, how do you do it? This is how to make a moan button in CS:GO:

  1. Open up the console using (`).
  2. Type in: ‘bind *a keybind you want* deathcry moan’.
  3. Make sure to remove the quotes, and place a preferred keybind for this feature.

Now, each time that you press that button, the character will emit the dying moan that has always been in the game, but it will do so every time you press the button, and the text above your character will say: ‘Moan’.

To make things clearer, this is how the command works:

  • Bind – is used to set a keybind;
  • The second part includes typing in your preferred keybind like: 1, 2, 3, M, E, R, or any other key.
  • The third part, ‘deathcry’ is the sound that your character will do.
  • The last one, is a text which you want to use and will be displayed above your character.

All things considered a nice feature to have, considering that this is not the only sound available as there are sounds like: KilledFriend, Help, ScaredEmote, LastManStanding, FriendlyFire, KilledMyEnemy, and WonRoundQuickly.

You can set these up, so that you can have a better and more straightforward way of communicating with your team.

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