How to Play It Takes Two Online

We live in an era where there are tons of new and interesting games being released each day. However, nothing comes close to how unique It Takes Two is. It gives players countless of gameplay variety, and is the perfect couch co-op experience. It should be stressed, that this game cannot be played by one player, and therefore, it is only co-op.

But how about playing this game with someone that is not actually on your couch literarily? Well, thankfully, there is a multiplayer co-op option in It Takes Two, and it might be even more interesting than that.

Enjoy It Takes Two Online

What many people don’t know with It Takes Two is, in order to mitigate the fact that it can only be played co-op, the developers and publishers have made it easy for players to get the game. Meaning, only one of the players has to buy the game in order for both to enjoy it.

There is what is called a “Friend’s Pass” which the host can send to the other player (which doesn’t own the game) in order to join in on the action. However, one must download the It Takes Two friend’s pass first from a store on any platform.

But there seems to be confusion on this topic, and many don’t know how to play online, so how do you do it? Well, to play online in It Takes Two, players can click on play online in the menu and invite a player.

This method though, is only for invites to other players that own the game.

As for inviting a buddy who doesn’t own the game, the host can send in a Friend’s Pass to the player, and they can join free-of-charge and battle the world together!

One drawback is the fact that you can’t invite a random stranger with the Friend’s Pass. Technically, you can, but the point is that there isn’t matchmaking for that.

The main selling point of It Takes Two is the fact that only one player needs to buy the game in order for two to enjoy it.

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