How to Play Outriders Online

The all-new hybrid from Square Unix and People Can Fly has some pretty big shoes to fill in. However, even in the demo, the game felt really good, and now, it is officially out for people to enjoy it. Whether you’re an RPG lover or not, chances are that there is someplace in your heart for Outriders. It truly feels exceptional, and you can’t put this game in a bubble.

Still, all this is well and good, but this Co-Op third-person shooter is better, well, if you play it on Co-Op. Nevertheless, many players don’t know how to join matchmaking, or play with their friends.

Play Outriders Online

To play it online, you will have to start the game, and get to a certain part of the story, until you get the first mission. Then, you need to go to the downstairs area from the base, until you reach a cross road.

Go to the room on the left, and you will see a radio pillar right from the doorway. Interact with it, and you will be able to join a multiplayer lobby.

Yes, getting to matchmaking in Outriders is a bit unorthodox.

If the only thing you want is to play with your buddies, then that can be done in the pause menu. Open it, and on the right part of your screen, there will be an option for you to play with your friends.

It is important to note that whenever a player chooses to play the game online, the game will automatically increase the difficulty. This is reasonable, since you’re in a group, and not solo anymore.

But in any case, this is a good thing, since the rewards will be much richer as well. Also, the experience you get will be higher.

Make sure that you reach the point in the game to where you will get the first quest. This is crucial to unlocking the multiplayer functionality in the game.

Whether the matchmaking system will change in the future is not yet known, but it isn’t as though it is highly inconvenient.

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