How To Solve Hidden Palace of Guizang Formula Puzzle : Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact is riddled with puzzles and hidden interactions. Well to unlock specific dungeons, you need to do a puzzle at Luhua Pool.

There are two dungeon choices that open, which are unlocked only at AR 30 and AR 35. Nevertheless, they give amazing rewards, and if you are farming these dungeons are a must.

Fortunately, we will tell you how to solve the Hidden Palace of Guizang formula puzzle in Genshin Impact.

Genshin Impact: How to Solve the Hidden Palace of Guizang Formula Puzzle

This puzzle is pretty straightforward, but as with any little puzzle or hidden interaction in Genshin, you don’t have the instructions on how to do it.

That is praiseworthy, they kept certain elements of the game for the players to figure out. Apparently, according to its description, it states that it may seem like a clear pond, but the amount of hidden treasures below can drive a person mad.

Sounds exciting right? Well, this is how to solve the Hidden Palace of Guizang formula puzzle:

  1. Go to Luhua Pool. More specifically here:
  2. On the west side there is a weird circle object which you can interact with. Interact with it. Here is the structure:
  3. After that, switch to Amber.
  4. Use your R ability to shoot at the pillars around the blue surface.
  5. At this point, once you have shot at every pillar, the blue surface will disappear, glide to the ground inside.
  6. Stand in the middle on the activator.

Now you can enter the Hidden Palace of Guizang formula. There will be two dungeons choices which are: Voyage to the Sanguine Sky and Travels of the Moonlit Venturer.

Recommended level will be 60 for the former, and 70 for the latter. Both of these have a lot of great rewards, so it’s worth the shot. Good luck!

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