How To Travel Past Radiation Zones – Wasteland 3

To travel past the Radiation Zones, you need to finish a quest called Unwelcome Guests. It doesn’t matter how you pass the mission. It will still lead you to where you need to go.

To go past Radiation Zones, you primarily need to upgrade your vehicle to not take damage upon moving through them.

How To Pass The Radiation Zones

  1. After successful completion of the quest Unwelcome Guests, a new NPC called Bobby Cotter appears.
  2. Bobby Cotter can is located in Ranger HQ, find him.
  3. Interact with Bobby, and buy the chassis for the Kodiak. Parts for the Kodiak are costly, so be wary of that.
  4. Go to customization for your vehicle, click on equipment, and change the chassis for the Kodiak.
  5. Now you can safely pass the Radiation Zones without taking any damage.

Passing the radiation zones can also be achieved by another mechanic located in Bizarre. After interaction with this NPC, you get a mission.

Like Unwelcome Guests, you finish the mission, and the Randy Gett, the mechanic, comes to Ranger HQ. There isn’t an exact better way to pass the Radiation Zones. It just comes to personal preference.

The second way is not a primary mission like Unwelcome Guests, which you need to be a minimum of level five to complete. With that said, the chances are that Unwelcome Guests are already completed rather than the second mission, which requires you to go to Bizarre.

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