How to Unlock Fireworks/Flames/Goal Smoke in FIFA 21

In FUT, you have unbelievable set of customizations you can do to your team. Compared to other FIFAs, they have made the experience seem more real, as if you are really the manager of a top team.

There are countless of customizations you can do to your players and your stadium, some more special than the others. If you want interesting additions to your team, you need to unlock at fireworks, flames, and goal smoke in FIFA 21.

That’s why today, we will tell you exactly how to do that.

FUT 21 – How to Unlock Fireworks, Flames, and Goal Smoke

Like I said, this is an all new addition to the FIFA titles, along with other many unique rewards. It adds another layer of experience, and some of this celebration customizations can tilt your enemy.

To get this sort of customizations, usually you have to finish a few objectives after which you will be eligible to obtain these rewards.

So, without further ado, this is how to unlock fireworks, flames, and goal smoke in FUT 21:

  1. Open your FIFA Ultimate Team menu.
  2. Go to My Stadium, objectives.
  3. Now navigate to the Milestones tab.
  4. Click on Stadium Development.
  5. Depending on how much you have played, you will need to finish the remaining objectives from here. The basic premise is to get to Tier 2 stadium.
  6. After you finish all objectives, claim all of the rewards.
  7. Next, claim the whole reward from the Stadium Development in Milestones.
  8. After you do so, the stadium will be upgraded to Tier 2 and it might change in appearance.

Go back into the main menu and check if the stadium’s appearance has changed. You must also check if there are black objects behind the goals on your stadium, because the fireworks, flames, and goal smoke will be released from these.

If you have these things behind the net, you have successfully obtained this customization. This celebration “technique” will only work on goals you score, and not your enemy. Good luck!

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