How to Unlock Heavy Oak Door in Dank Crypt : Baldur’s Gate 3

Some doors in Baldur’s Gate 3 require keys or lockpicking to open. It is a preferred practice to use keys since you have success every time, because lockpicking can fail sometimes.

Well, in Dank Crypt, there is a heavy oak door that requires a key which can be obtained from a coffin. It’s like a puzzle of sorts, and you must be careful since you can easily die.

Nevertheless, we will tell you exactly how to unlock the heavy oak door in Baldur’s Gate 3 using the engraved key.

Baldur’s Gate 3 – How to Unlock Heavy Oak Door Dank Crypt

Once you get in the Dank Crypt from Bedchamber, to progress you will need to go left. There will be two doors, one on the right and one on the left.

You have a few chests in this room, so loot around. To open the left door, you need to acquire the engraved key which can be obtained from the room on the right.

This is how to unlock the heavy oak door in Dank Crypt:

  1. Go in the room on the right.
  2. In the middle you will see a coffin, this is from where you get the key. But don’t loot it yet. Put objects on the vents in order to block the slime from coming out – six in total. X: – 294 Y: -321.
  3. After doing so, you can safely open the coffin.
  4. Get the key and the sword.
  5. Make your way to the heavy oak door – X: -294 Y: -288.
  6. Use the engraved key to open the door.

You can loot the coffin without blocking the vents, but there is a good chance you could die. When you open the coffin without blocking the vents, they release slime which glues you to the ground.

At which point arrows from both sides of the room start shooting. If you are standing in the way of the arrows, you might die, and after that it is also very difficult to break out of the slime.

Along with the engraved key in the coffin, you will find a pretty strong two-handed green sword. Good luck!


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