Hyper Scape How to Climb on Top of the Pre Lobby Tower

Hyper Scape is Ubisoft’s latest first-person shooter battle royale game. From random game-changing effects to a unique respawn mechanic, Hyper Scape is unlike any of your usual battle royale games.

You and the boys queue up for match, and then get to the pre-game lobby. You then see the Spawn Tower and then ask yourself, “Can I climb that?”. Here at Caffeinated Gamers, we tell you that yes, you can climb that tower.

This article will be the only guide you need in doing so. So sit back and let’s see how we can climb to the top of lobby tower.

How to get to the top of the pre lobby tower?

The process in climbing the tower is quite easy :

  1. First you need to go to the right side and look for the wall shown below. You then double jump to get on top of it.

  2. Next You jump to get to the next platform. After that, you need to jump to get to the platform next to the spawn tower.

  3. You are so close to climbing the tower. After that, you need to double jump and get to the platform on the right side of the tower.

  4. Lastly, just do a double jump and voila, you have now reached the top of the spawn tower.

You finally reached the top of the spawn tower. It wasn’t that hard to climb right? You then proceed to jump to get a better view of the other players below. You look down on them and get a surge of confidence to win the game.

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