Is Hyper Scape On Nintendo Switch?

Hyper Scape has launched as a multi-platform video game – a massive online Battle Royale frenzy. Its fast-paced style has won over a lot of gamers, but it hasn’t made a room for all of them.

On the other side of the fence are the Nintendo players. Hyper Scape is not available for the Switch, and people are wondering why. But while the reality looks grim, the future not so much. There are some signs that the developers are actively looking for ways to adapt Hyper Scape on Nintendo, so cheer up. Here’s what we know so far.

Will Hyper Scape Be On Nintendo Switch

In a recent Reddit AMA held by the Hyper Scape Dev Team, some fellow gamers asked the stuff whether the game will ever arrive on the Switch. And even though the answers weren’t fully direct, we can safely assume that they’re more than happy to work on Nintendo version for Hyper Scape.

Hyperscape Devs answering if the game will come out on Switch.

Being already on two different consoles, the Xbox and the PS4, it shouldn’t take too much to develop the game for Nintendo. It’s clear that there are differences between them all, but there are a lot of similarities too. They have the right foundations and the hungry player base that is more than happy to take Crown Rush to a third console.

On the plus side, Hyper Scape has a cross-play feature that’s working pretty well. And it shouldn’t be a problem for one more platform to join the battle.

Additionally, the devs have confirmed that they’re actively working on big updates for the game. That includes new game mods, cosmetics, some unique features and maybe even a new map. The information for the exact release dates is being withheld for now, but if the game continues to be a success in the future, the changes are bound to arrive sometime soon.

Alongside with that, it is more than clear that Ubisoft is really excited for Hyper Scape and they’re pushing for the title’s success. With that, we can also assume that they want to satisfy their audience and if adapting the game for Nintendo Switch is the answer, they very well might do so.

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