Is Second Extinction Available on PS4?

It’s no doubt that Second Extinction is one of the top Co-op dinosaur shooter games to play today. After much waiting, the exquisite game is finally out. However, there was a shift in the appropriate release date. Since it’s present in the gaming industry, we need to see what it has to offer. Besides, we also need to know if Second Extinction is available on PS4.

Second Extinction – Is It Available on PS4?

If you’ve been following up on Second Extinction, you will discover that it possesses magnificent features. You may primarily see four heroes, ten weapons, and five tiers of upgrades for each weapon. Besides, there are six primary missions in the game with lots of side milestones in seven regions.

Even though the game seems to have several unique features, it’s crucial to know whether it’s available on PlayStation 4. A good number of shooter games work with the PS4. For instance, we know that the popular Overwatch, Fortnite, and Call of Duty are compatible with the PlayStation 4 console. However, here’s the big question; Is Second Extinction also available on PS4?

Unfortunately, the direct answer is no for now. There has been no news of Second Extinction coming to the PS4 console. Impressively, there are other options available on their official website. Before delving into the different options available for players, you should know that it may be available on PS4 soon. However, those are just high hopes for now. Since the official website hasn’t made any official release or announcements, we can only wait and see.

During Microsoft’s Inside Xbox showcase for next-gen titles, the game was unveiled for consoles. With the trailer being debuted at Microsoft’s Inside Xbox 2020 event, there seems to be a stronger affiliation with the Microsoft Xbox consoles. If there are any updates to the site, you will get informed about them. So, there’s no cause for alarm, as you will be aware once it’s available on PS4.

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